Biosolids Pathogen Testing

Over 15 years experience

Before the first draft of the EPA "503" rule had been published, BioVir was busy helping clients develop baseline occurrence data relative to pathogens in their biosolids. Since that time BioVir has developed a national reputation as a leading biosolids pathogen testing laboratory.

The services we offer range from routine analyses of Helminth Ova, Enteric Virus, Salmonella and / or Fecal Coliform to special challenge studies requiring spiking of organisms in order to demonstrate process efficacy for Class A biosolids.

Water Environment Research Foundation

 In 2002 we completed a study, directed by the East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD), involving enteric virus, helminth ova, and salmonella spiking studies which measured the effect that various temperatures have on Pathogen inactivation using Thermophilic processes. BioVir continues to be an active participant in Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) research studies today.

Methods Development

In addition to performing process research , BioVir is an active participant in EPA method evaluation/validation studies on biosolids. Dr. Cooper of our laboratory developed the RV method for detection of Salmonella in biosolids. This method has been published by the EPA as Method 1682.




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