BioVir's national reputation for excellence is based on its combination of rigorous quality assurance/quality control, state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies and effective response to client needs. Servicing customers in a professional, responsible and timely manner is the laboratory's number 1 priority.

Our commitment to quality begins with strict adherence to a Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program that meets or exceeds all applicable guidelines. BioVir routinely performs internal performance evaluation checks, participates in sponsored testing round-robins, and critiques all aspects of laboratory procedures. Our stringent documentation process protects sample integrity throughout testing and analysis to ensure BioVir's commitment to producing quality, defensible data. After evaluating the objectives of each client, BioVir recommends diagnostic procedures utilizing the best available technology.

BioVir provides testing and challenge study services under a number of regulatory and testing formats. As a result, we can offer meet our client’s need for quality control documentation from basic to Documented Good Laboratory Practices control.


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