EPA Method 1601: Male-Specific (F+) and Somatic Coliphage in Water by Two-Step Enrichment Procedure (April 2001) - 

EPA 821-R-01-030

Summary Information:

  • Presence Absence Method.
  • Two-step enrichment procedure (overnight incubation).
  • up to 500 mL or 5 Liter Sample Volume. For analysis of 100mL collect 250mL per phage (MS and or Somatic). For analysis of 1 LIter collect 2.5 Liters per phage (MS and or Somatic).
  • Hold Time = 48 hours. For raw sewage 24 hr.
  • Store and Ship at 2 to 8 C
  • Matrix Spike sample on 1st Sample, 21st sample, etc. per matrix.
  • Male Specific and/or Somatic Coliphage
  • For Ground Water and other waters
  • Presence Absence method validated
  • Can be done in MPN format but  result not validated.
  • Validated for Ground Water Only
  • This method is not for Biosolids


EPA Method 1601/1602

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