One of only a handful of laboratories equipped to provide a comprehensive spectrum of microbiological testing and analysis for a wide-ranging clientele, BioVir is an active leader in the research and development of analytical methods for the detection of microorganisms, development of test products for established laboratories, and field applications.

BioVir is dedicated to maintaining its status as a leading-edge microbiology laboratory. Our approach is to utilize a "performance based" method of analysis (as appropriate), by assimilating new technologies, employing new and improved validated methods, and applying our years of experience in environmental testing.

BioVir's staff can help consulting engineers, government agencies, utilities, and private industry, in the development and evaluation of treatment processes by design and implementation of challenge studies. Above all, BioVir provides knowledgeable solutions based on scientific expertise, efficiency, common sense, and a commitment to our clients.

Analytes and Methods

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